Next Day Access

Next Day Access has been serving America since 1997 with a unique mix of home accessibility products and solutions.

It’s all about diversification

For more than 15 years, our affiliate company, American Access, worked on a national program to supply several industries whose customer base needed home access. Their program was so effective that today, other companies seek to copy that plan and have achieved success on their own. In 2009, American Access’s ownership group began to consider optimal ways of servicing their national accounts and their customers. Discussions considered several options for running a business. Finally, one was chosen as the best:  developing a franchise business where the new business owner would be taught by business leaders who had accrued years of experience and established years of success. (American Access started in the wheelchair ramp industry in 1997, as a dealer selling and installing accessibility products. Prior to 1997, in 1993, it began with an ownership stake in the modular ramp industry.)

Once the business plan was determined, it grew further when key leaders came on board in late 2011. They put in long hours, worked hard, and shared a vision:  a business that would help the end user and open up tremendous opportunities to let them stay at home. That vision became a reality. Next Day Access was born!

No other franchise company approaches our level of expertise helping senior citizens. We have provided a large percentage of medical equipment products in use in homes today, including wheelchair ramps and grab bars.

We are a licensed elevator installer in the state of Minnesota.




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